CDA is a boutique, full-service agency, with a tightly-knit team of strategists, storytellers, and cross-media advertising experts. We specialize in the unique media habits, creative formats, and voice required to reach and engage a modern, digital audience age 24-40.


At CDA, we handle each step of the process; everything from kindling the first spark of an idea, to building the finished product, to planning and executing targeted cross-media ad campaigns.

Jin Kim


Kevin Almeida

Managing Director

Paul Ban

Director, Events

Anthony Charles

Marketing Services Manager

Barbie Chiu

PR & Media Relations Specialist

Katarina Gentry

Graphic Design Specialist

Quynh Nguyen

Insider Trends Officer

Grace Haymond

Accounts Specialist

Alrik Bursell

Video Production

Dmitry Zhukov

Head of Development


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