case study
multicultural engagement

How do you reach and engage today’s incredibly diverse, multicultural audience?

MED-Project ran into this challenge as they rapidly scaled operations from a single county in California to a 5-state initiative, targeting tens of millions of people across the United States.


  • Cultural differences
  • Language barriers
  • Diverse media habits

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all discipline.

Achieving MED-Project’s goal of driving impact meant starting with a deep, data-driven understanding of the brand’s diverse multicultural audiences, and tailoring a unique voice and media mix for each group.

In addition, MED-Project would need to partner with large, trusted retail chains and healthcare providers to develop in-person, experiential exposure for under-represented communities.

what we did

  • creative production

    After researching and crafting 45 different multicultural audience personas, CDA developed video, audio, web, and print communications content in 12 languages.

    • Video, audio, web, print
    • 45 audience segments
    • 12 languages
  • media

    To target different diverse demographics, CDA developed and executed 33 individual multi-channel media plans for each of the local communities within the target markets, encompassing TV, radio, digital, and local print media in multiple languages.

    • 33 unique media plans
    • Dozens of local communities
    • TV, radio, digital, print
  • corporate partnerships

    CDA developed MED-Project’s B2B corporate communications strategy and materials to build trusted partnerships with Walmart, CVS, and Kaiser Permanente, establishing in-store promotional placements and a calendar of experiential activations.

    • Walmart
    • CVS
    • Kaiser Permanente




  • 100%
    of KPIs met for all audience segments, four years running
  • 32.2M
    target audience growth
  • 20%
    bonus media value
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