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CDA successfully launched and scaled PepsiCo’s new B2B subscription program for customers in the restaurant space, boosting customer loyalty and LTV.


How can food & beverage brands gain a competitive advantage in the B2B space?

PepsiCo’s B2B sales channels primarily focus on convenient dining and QSR establishments, but the competition with Coca-Cola is fierce.

In an effort to create additional value for their restaurant clients and end-users alike, PepsiCo’s B2B channel sales team had developed a subscription-based co-op marketing platform that made it quick & easy for franchisees and small business owners to execute mobile coupons, incentives, and hyperlocal advertising buys.

However, adoption of the new program was slow. PepsiCo needed to diagnose the problem and figure out how to quickly proof and scale their platform.


While PepsiCo’s platform provided tremendous potential opportunity to QSR franchisees and restauranteurs, CDA identified several obstacles standing in the way of its success.

First, the platform lacked a clear methodology for measuring and reporting ROI for customers. With QSR franchisees, in particular, experimental funds are limited and need to be easily justified with short-term attributable revenue.

Second, the “self-service” concept of the program wasn’t well aligned with the extremely busy & hectic lives of restaurant owners/franchisees. A full-service option was necessary.

Finally, the program’s sales materials needed a creative refresh to better communicate its value in terms customers could relate to.

what we did

  • solution

    The team at CDA produced all the sales & marketing collateral for the program, while also developing measurement and attribution methodology to connect customer investment over time with:

    • Purchasing intent metrics
    • Incremental revenue at point of sale
  • full-service support

    In addition, our team functioned as the full-service arm of PepsiCo’s mobile martech platform, executing hyperlocal media buys, content, offers & promotions, and reporting/analytics on the behalf of all the subscribing businesses.

    • Hyperlocal Display Advertising
    • CRM
    • Sweepstakes & Contests
    • Content Creation
    • Personalization
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successfully launched and scaled program
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