Creative Digital Agency Names Kevin Almeida as New Managing Director

Creative Digital Agency Names Kevin Almeida as New Managing Director

Feb 5, 2020 • 2 min

Creative Digital Agency, Inc. (CDA), a boutique, full-service agency, appoints Kevin Almeida as the new Managing Director. As Managing Director, Almeida will continue overseeing the media strategies and remain operational with CDA’s client base.

“Kevin is a great creative leader and we’re excited to have him lead the next chapter of CDA,” says Jin Kim, Founder of CDA. “With 8 years of experience in Hollywood and another 8 years of experience in ad tech, he’s that person who has the ability to combine creativity with operational experience for major clients.”

Almeida, previously the Vice President of Marketing Services for CDA, is a veteran of the ever-evolving digital media industry, with extensive experience with the buy-side of the advertising ecosystem, planning and executing national campaigns that blend traditional and digital media.

On the creative front, he has penned and produced video spots for a portfolio of brands that includes Mountain Dew & Ben & Jerry’s, and Raycop.

Almeida has also managed national CRM and marketing automation programs for industry leaders, including revamping the national email marketing program for Chiquita to increase audience engagement by 4x.

“I’m honored and excited to step into this new role. It’s going to be great working hands-on with all of our wonderful clients and the entire talented team here at CDA,” says Almeida. “It’s been such a thrill watching the agency grow so quickly over the past few years, and I’m thrilled I get to be a part of what’s coming next.”


About CDA

Creative Digital Agency, Inc. (CDA) takes an “audience-centric” approach to every project. Rather than starting from a standpoint of services and tactics, CDA starts with research and data-gathering, ensuring the development of a sound strategic foundation built on the authentic needs, habits, and challenges of the target audience.

CDA works to identify strategic alignment between the objectives of the client and the needs of the audience, creating a high-level strategic direction that will inform every tactical and creative decision moving forward.

CDA is also a 3-time recipient of the Mobile Marketing Association Global Smarties Awards, a recipient of Mobile Marketing Magazine’s Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, and is ranked in the top specialist agencies in the world on the Mobile Marketing Association’s Global Business Impact Index.

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