Mobile Marketing Agency Strategies for Retail 2019

Mobile Marketing Agency Strategies for Retail 2019

Sep 23, 2019 • 2 min

Driving Mobile Engagement at Retail

With smartphones having almost completely saturated the market, retailers have an opportunity to extend the consumer experience beyond the storefront. Brick and mortar retailers have suffered the brunt of the economic fallout that came with the digital revolution, but with savvy integration of mobile audience engagement into the shopper experience, many brands are seeing promising results.

Why should retailers and retail brands bother with mobile engagement?

  • Increased learnings and data capture, based on how your audience is interacting with mobile content.

  • Helps brands differentiate in the aisle

  • Boost product trial

  • Boosts branding and retention by enabling communications outside the 4 walls of the store.

  • Mobile engagement allows personalization in the customer journey. For example, being offered coupons for something they had searched for rather than receiving a mass message causing users to feel more in-tune with the company

When Done Right

Successful mobile engagement stems from shoppers feeling a certain level of exclusivity. Being offered additional coupons and getting insider’s tips increases their engagement and interest into the brand.

Mobile engagement should make the in-store experience more enjoyable. Whether it’s by allowing an expedited pick-up process or ease in finding a product, shoppers will appreciate a streamlined process that doesn’t waste their time. The ultimate goal is to build loyalty create lifetime value.

Keep in Mind:

  • 1 in 4 users do not visit the app after the initial use, and on average only one-third become loyal. It is important to showcase users the value of the app up front and incentivize habitual interactions in order to maintain engagement.

  • One of the biggest hurdles marketers have to face is using the data that they receive in-app about their customers across all of their communication channels. This means authenticating users to collect valuable data on their consumer base.

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