Creative Digital Agency Releases COVID-19 Response Plan for Brands and Businesses

Download CDA's COVID-19 Response Plan for Brands and Businesses today as a free resource to prepare for the challenges to come in the weeks and months ahead.

SAN RAMON, Calif. (April 8, 2020)-- Every brand and business is being impacted by the current global pandemic, with many struggling to develop a meaningful plan of action that goes beyond short-term crisis response.

Creative Digital Agency (CDA), a boutique, full-service San Francisco agency, today published The COVID-19 Response Plan for Brands and Businesses, a free eBook that provides brands with an easy-to-follow structure and best practices.

The eBook assembles research, trends and insights from industry leaders, and offers actionable insights and recommendations to mitigate lost revenue in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Inside, readers will find a three-point structure for planning and executing and effective COVID-19 response:

  • Crisis Management: Data on what consumers are expecting from brands and best practices for informing your stakeholders of what's changing, what isn't and what they can do to help

  • Recovery & Adaptation: Key insights into how consumer sentiment has evolved and how brands can adapt and respond to the crisis to mitigate lost revenue

  • Return to Market: There will be no "back to normal." Instead, we provide a framework for getting consumers back in-store once the shelter-in-place restrictions are loosened

The COVID-19 Response Plan for Brands and Businesses is now available as a free resource at


About CDA

Creative Digital Agency, Inc. is a boutique, full-service agency, with a tightly-knit team of strategists, storytellers, and cross-media advertising experts. They specialize in unique media habits, creative formats, and voice required to reach and engage a modern, digital audience age 22-40.

CDA handles each step of the process; everything from kindling the first spark of an idea, to building the finished product, to planning and executing targeted cross-media ad campaigns.

They are also a 3-time recipient of the Mobile Marketing Association Global Smarties Awards, a recipient of Mobile Marketing Magazine’s Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, and are ranked in the top specialist agencies in the world on the Mobile Marketing Association’s Global Business Impact Index.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Founder/CEO Jin Kim about the eBook, please contact:

Barbie Chiu | PR & Media Relations Specialist



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