New eBook: Why Brands Should Emphasize Data Privacy

For the first time, data privacy is seen as a competitive differentiator.

San Ramon, Calif. (September 1, 2020)-- New trends in data privacy are impacting brands’ ability to reach their audience. From the TikTok ban, enforcement of the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), and the upcoming Apple iOS 14 update requiring consumer opt-in to Apple’s Identifier For Advertisers (IDFA), consumer sentiment for personal data privacy and concern over what companies are doing with their data is growing. Why Brands Should Emphasize Data Privacy discusses why complying with the current and coming advertising regulations is in brands’ best interests to raise consumer trust ahead of industry adoption.

Creative Digital Agency’s newest 30-page eBook offers comprehensive oversight of the brand and advertising implications of rising data privacy concerns:

  • How has consumer sentiment changed about data privacy?

  • Why do brands need to be worried about data privacy?

  • What happens when a brand doesn’t address these concerns?

  • How do brands need to assuage data privacy concerns for consumers?

Prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, the accelerated digital transformation has user data privacy laws under intense scrutiny as online companies have access to millions of American consumers’ personal information. With data privacy concerns on the rise, brands have a unique opportunity to alleviate consumer concerns before heightened data security becomes the industry norm.

Why Brands Should Emphasize Data Privacy is now available as a free resource on Creative Digital Agency's website.


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