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We own a first-party data network dedicated to gathering  first-hand insights into this digital-savvy and diverse generation.

We are firm believers in being “audience-first,” and place the authentic voice, needs and habits of our audience at the foreground of every decision we make. In the case of Gen Z, now the largest consumer segment in America, this involved the creation of a new company initiative. 

The end result was a wealth of proprietary, first-hand audience data CDA can leverage to inform your strategic, tactical, and creative decisions that we’ve compiled into our Gen Z Consumer Insights Report: First-hand Insights into What Gen Z Likes, Wants & Hates.

You want to focus on media that drives business impact. In fact, we were voted one of the top 35 agencies for business impact by the Mobile Marketing Agency and we've worked with brands like the Los Angeles Tourism Convention Board, Airbnb, and Merck Pharmaceuticals. You may have even seen our Super Bowl XVLII spot for Speed Stick.


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