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Report: 2020 Gen Z Consumer Insights

This report examines how the tumultuous events of 2020 have changed Gen Zers’ preferences and behaviors regarding technology, data privacy, spending habits, advertising, and core values.


eBook: Why Brands Should Emphasize Data Privacy

For the first time, data privacy is seen as  a competitive differentiator.  This eBook covers how new trends in data privacy are impacting brands' ability to reach their audience.

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Gen Z TikTok Ban President Trump Creativ

Report: How Does Gen Z Feel About the TikTok Ban?

This nationwide survey covers Gen Z's changing sentiment regarding the app itself, the privacy scandal, other social media channels, and the perceived motivations behind the president's ban.

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eBook: New Advertising Formats for H2 of 2020

This free ebook offers a comprehensive guide to the newest and most talked-about ad formats of 2020, including key factors related to strategy, creative, and audience.

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Report: 2019 Gen Z Consumer Insights

This comprehensive report provides actionable first-hand insights into what is fast becoming the largest consumer segment in America. It delves into what Gen Z likes, wants, and hates.

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COVID-19 Resources

Research, data, and actionable insights to implement for your brand or business to mitigate lost revenue in the time of COVID-19.

Additional Resources

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Interactive Worksheet: End-to-End COVID-19 Response Plan

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Creative Trends During COVID-19


Top 10 COVID-19 Ads


Tips to Optimize Productivity While Working From Home


COVID-19: Speeding Up the Transition to Digital Shopping


Cause Marketing in the Time of COVID-19


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