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Whether you’re launching a new brand or looking to pivot in a new direction, CDA’s 4-part branding package defines key habits and cultural details about your audience – and then finds alignment between these truths and your business objective.

  • Audience-First
  • Data-Centric
  • Turn-Key


  1. Strategic Positioning
  2. Brand Identity, Logo, and Asset Development
  3. Audience Favorability Testing
  4. Implementation Roadmap

Strategic Positioning

We begin by by developing a strategic foundation that finds alignment between 3 things: the brand, the audience, and the cultural context of the relationship.

Three Points on the “Triangle of Truth”

  1. Audience Truth (preferences, habits, pain points, lifestyle)
  2. Brand Truth (value proposition, archetype, competitive differentiators)
  3. Cultural Truth (beliefs, values, current events, unique voice)


  • Brand audit (goals & objectives, lifecycle, current positioning) 
  • Competitor audit
  • Cultural considerations report
  • Target audience report
  • Strategic direction

Brand Identity

Our team will develop a complete brand identity package, including messaging pillars, style guide, and multimedia. 

Messaging Deliverables

  • Mission Statement
  • Boiler plate positioning
  • Tagline
  • Sample campaign concept


Visual Deliverables

  • Style guide
  • Vector logo file + variants (stacked, static, animated, monochrome, etc.)
  • Brand guidelines for paid influencers
  • Web, favicon, & social icons
  • Letterhead
  • PPT template

Audience Favorability Testing

We engage a representative audience sample across different feedback mechanisms to quantify favorability.

Feedback Mechanisms

  • Digital feedback surveys
  • In-person surveys
  • Focus group testing


Testing Dimensions

  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Household Income
  • Geo
  • Creative/Messaging Variants
  • Custom Factors

Brand Health/

CDA maintains a custom RMS analytics dashboard to score brand favorability through qualitative scoring of recurring keyword phrases in social media comments. 

In addition, we will match the appropriate monitoring tool to fit the scale of your brand. Depending on the level of engagement, we will recommend one of the following:

  • Hootesuite – for startups and limited levels of engagement
  • Sprout Social – for growing brands with medium levels of engagement
  • Brandwatch – for larger brands with extensive engagement


Priority Channels

  • Online reviews
  • Social media mentions
  • Search and hashtag volume
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