conversion rate optimization

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Drive rapid growth and predictable monthly ROI with a custom media & technology package proven to increase conversion efficiency.

  • Custom tools suited to your unique business needs
  • Data-centric mindset means increased automation and reduced labor costs
  • Quick & low-cost iterative testing to drive results
  1. Direct Response Paid Media
  2. Landing Page & Checkout Optimization
  3. Light-Weight Creative Production

Direct response paid media

Our team has more than 12 years of specific expertise with media campaigns specifically designed to drive attributable lift.

What’s Included

  • Learning Campaign. Experimental 3-month flight to identify key factors impacting cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • CPA Reduction Campaign. Taking what we’ve learned, CDA will run a second 3-month campaign focused on reducing CPA by as much as 75%.
  • Ongoing Optimization. From the 6-month mark onwards, we will continue to scale and optimize media spend to futher improve CPA.
  • Flat Monthly Retainer. We scale our pricing based on services provided, not the size of your media buy
  • Daily Report. Shared spreadsheet with performance metrics

Specialization In

  • Subscription Model Clients
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Tiktok
  • SnapChat
  • Apple Search

Landing page & checkout optimization

We use an iterative A/B testing process to increase landing page and funnel conversion rates.

What’s Included

  • User design and analytics research
  • Landing page and checkout process design variants
  • Turnkey development
  • Analytics integration and testing

Light-Weight creative production

Our creative development team delivers light-weight creative variants; ideal for quick and low-cost experimentation.

To best serve the iterative process, we will reimagine stock and existing media assets, saving you the time and money required for new production.

What’s Included

  • Initial set of creative concepts (5-6 recommended)
  • Video and static creatives
  • Completed asset group for each concept includes all standard design formats for targeted media channels
  • Companion copy, headlines, captions, calls to action
  • Average 2-3 business days turnaround per concept


  • original campaign concept
  • creative content
  • campaign content
  • call to action
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