St. Patrick’s Day Case Study: Jameson Whiskey

St. Patrick’s Day Case Study: Jameson Whiskey

Mar 19, 2020 • 2 min

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, from the CDA team! Irish culture holds a special place in our hearts, ever since our video team had the privilege to work with Jameson Irish Whiskey on their “Fear a bit less. Live a bit more” personalized video campaign.

Different Creatives for Different Audiences

Taking a cue from Jameson’s motto “Sine Metu!” (“Without Fear!”) CDA’s video team produced a variety of bite-size videos, each focusing on a different group of people — that don’t fit the mold of the typical Irish whiskey drinker — as they try Jameson for the first time.

This approach of strategically developing a wide variety of different creatives featuring different demographic representation is an example of personalized video advertising; adopting a promotional mindset of producing many different creative variants for different audience segments.

Check out some of the videos our team did for Jameson, below:

Jameson- “Fear a bit less. Live a bit more.”



If you only make one ad for the entire world, you’re missing the most important tactic of the digital age: personalization.

Modern consumers not only expect the ads they see to be highly relevant and personalized to their interests, they also respond best to creatives featuring characters they can relate to and identify with. The concept of one “mega-production” that appeals somewhat to all audiences is rapidly being replaced by diverse productions, generating a variety of content that appeals strongly to niche audiences.

Producing multiple small videos doesn’t mean that the quality of production decreases. With a balance of strategy and storytelling, personalization can be effective and effective, especially in short form video content. Strive for deeper engagement with many audiences by adopting a mindset of producing a greater volume of productions that target a broad range of specific audiences.

You can check out more videos produced by CDA’s team here!

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