Need Alternative Channels to Reach Gen Z?

TikTok may potentially be banned from the US, so how else can you reach the app's target audience- Gen Z?

Our Gen Z Experts (we've compiled over 1000+ hours into gathering extensive first-hand audience data into this generation into our Gen Z Consumer Insights Report which you can view here here) are here to help.


Creative Digital Agency specializes in outside-of-the-box and audience-first placements. Here at CDA, we handle each step of the process; everything from kindling the first spark of an idea, to building the finished product, to planning and executing targeted cross-media ad campaigns- all with your brand story and audience in mind.

You want to focus on media that drives business impact. In fact, we were voted one of the top 35 agencies for business impact by the Mobile Marketing Agency and we've worked with brands like the Los Angeles Tourism Convention Board, Airbnb, and Merck Pharmaceuticals. You may have even seen our Super Bowl XVLII spot for Speed Stick.


Let's chat about how CDA can help your brand reach Generation Z.


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