Tips to Optimize Productivity While Working From Home

Tips to Optimize Productivity While Working From Home

Mar 24, 2020 • 3 min

Minimize workforce disruption during Shelter-In-Home.

With companies all over the world abruptly transitioning their employees to a prolonged work-from-home situation, a major concern is how to mitigate the loss of productivity from a workforce that has been suddenly forced to adapt to an entirely-new working environment.

Here are some tips and life-hacks the team at Creative Digital Agency has been practicing to keep the transition as painless as possible since recently implementing a work-from-home policy for employees:

Kevin Almeida | Managing Director

“I can’t overstate the importance of an ergonomic workstation, especially as our species is about to become more sedentary than ever. I always took my setup in the office for granted, but after just a few days working from home, I’ve been quick to learn that a comfortable setup is vital to avoiding ongoing pain and discomfort. Something as simple as getting a new chair was a life changer. This way, I can focus my work rather than that pinch in my neck!”

Take a look at this list from the New York Post to find some more ways to make your home set-up more ergonomic.

Anthony Charles | Marketing Services Manager

“Everyone is different, you’ve got to find something that works for you. I’m used to having my standing desk in the office, which I use to reduce the amount of time I’m sitting for extended periods of time. Cooped up at home, I had to get inventive. I opted for creating something a bit unusual: a walking desk! It took a bit of Macgyvering, but I turned my treadmill into a a workstation. Keeps me active and comfortable, and I always find I think best when walking, anyway.”

Katarina Gentry | Graphic Design Specialist

“During the work week, I always had the luxury of going out to eat for lunch. Now that I’m home, I’ve started practicing meal planning before sitting down to work in the morning. It cuts out the stress of having to figure out what I’m going to be eating throughout the day, and gives me something to look forward to at lunch!”

Barbie Chiu | PR & Media Relations Specialist

“I’ve been making sure that I schedule times that I can go outside for exercise. To avoid the afternoon slump, I’ve been taking walks for my lunch – it really clears my mind before have to sit back down again. And to minimize the feeling of being “trapped” inside my house, I sit as close to a window as possible.”

Being mindful of our activity and health is more important than ever, even 10 minutes of walking can be an effective stress reducer.

Grace Haymond | Accounts Specialist

“One thing I’ve been really mindful of during this transition has been the importance of structure and routine! It’s really vital for our mental health to maintain a regular early morning routine just as if you were getting ready to go into the office, and to put a hard limit on unproductive habits (i.e. screen time) outside of business hours.”

Limiting screen time isn’t just for kids! Being mindful of how much time we spend looking at screens, specially when working from home can yield better creativity, problem-solving and focus.

Quynh Nguyen | Insider Trends Officer

“I’ve had to adapt to having people working from home alongside me who aren’t my coworkers. There are important cultural things to consider when you’re stuck inside all day with the same group of people: make sure that everyone has their own designated work space, and reduce social distractions (and drama) during business hours by getting everyone in your home to agree up-front on the ground rules. Just make sure you don’t forget to have fun with your housemates while you’re all trapped together! For us, that meant incorporating some fun, family-friendly exercises that can be done from home like Just Dance.”

Need some more ways to keep the kids active from home? Check out this list from The Healthiest State Initiative.

Jimmy Kimmel | Late Night Show Host

He isn’t technically on CDA’s staff roster, but Talk Show Host Jimmy Kimmel had some advice for staying professional while working from home: “Formal Fridays.” While it may be tempting to stay in your pajamas all day, in the longterm that kind of behavior can take a toll on your productivity. Maintaining a sense of routine and discipline; waking up, getting ready and dressed for work, can help remind your brain that it’s still business as usual. By implementing a #formalfriday policy in their house, the Kimmels are using the abnormal to maintain a sense of normalcy.

If your company is making the transition to work-from-home for the time being, we hope these tips help you and your employees stay safe, sane, and productive!

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