case study
“goodbye dirt.
goodbye germs.”

How to launch a challenger brand in a market dominated by entrenched incumbents?

This was the challenge faced by Raycop, a vacuum brand who had seen success in the APAC (Asia Pacific) market, as they worked to expand into North America.

That meant direct competition with powerhouses like Dyson and Shark for consumer attention and consideration. How to get a foothold?


Challenger brands need to work smarter, not harder

Raycop’s key differentiator was not raw power, but technical innovation; offering germ-killing and santizing features in addition to powerful suction.

This was a perfect fit for more germ and health-conscious consumers, positioning the Raycop product line as “the only vacuum that really cleans.” However, these features required a learning curve for prospective consumers, who would also be introduced to the brand for the first time.

what we did

  • solution

    CDA leveraged research into key markets and audience demographics to develop a new brand identity, messaging, and tagline extended across paid media, web, PR, and the product line itself.

    CDA further identified key geographic markets that best aligned with the the brand’s health-focused value prop for launch, and produced a series of cross-media creatives that comically parodied TV police procedurals; being entertaining and memorable while still managing to educate consumers about all the new technology at play.

  • services


  • 228%
    increase in domestic search volume
  • 9x
    Increased website traffic
  • 1,666%
    increase in domestic
    search volume
    at its peak
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