New Threads Service Launched at Creative Digital Agency

New Threads Service Launched at Creative Digital Agency

Jul 14, 2023 • 2 min

Trying to figure out if your brand should be on Threads? Don’t have time to implement a Threads strategy? Not sure what Threads is? No matter where you are on the spectrum, we are here to help.

Threads For Destination Brands

Creative Digital Agency has launched a service aimed to help small to mid-size destinations get up, running, and active on Threads. These services include:

  • Getting your Threads account up and running
  • Migrating your Instagram followers to Threads, creating an instant boost in your total social footprint
  • Video content announcing your new Threads account
  • Outreach to local businesses, attractions, and organizations to bring them over to Threads, as well – increasing your destination’s overall impact on this trendy new channel
  • A content calendar and your first set of posts

To learn more about Creative Digital Agency’s Thread services click HERE.

What is Threads

Threads is Instagram’s text-based app that set out to rival Twitter. However, the app promises to be a more friendly, less aggressive place to share thoughts, conversations, and more.

Why Threads is Important

  1. Early Adoption – because the platform is still new there are not as many accounts, therefore you are not competing as hard for your audiences’ attention.
  2. Instant Followers – followers can choose to automatically follow you from Instagram when they create their account, resulting in a boost of your total social account following by 10% or more.
  3. Organic Reach – the platform is currently ad-free and will remain so for the next 4-5 months, as a result, any new follower gained organically will be a dedicated fan.
  4. Growing Quick – the platform gained 100 million users in less than a week and is continuing to grow.
  5. Safe for your Brand – the platform involves heavy moderation and brand safety.
  6. Easy to Start – launching your account is quick and easy with an existing Instagram account.


Ready to start your Threads journey? Learn more about how we can help HERE.

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