threads for destinations
24 hours until you launch
instantly boost your social footprint

Within the first 24 hours of setting up a new Threads account, we increase a destination’s total social media followers by an average of 10%!

coordinate with attractions

We reach out to your local businesses and attractions, too, helping them get started on Threads so that your visitors can keep up to date on everything your destination has to offer

what’s the big deal?

  • a unique opportunity for destinations

    You’ve probably heard all the buzz about the new Threads social media app this past week – but is it something you need to prioritize for your destination? 

    A few things to consider

    1. It’s brand new: most destinations aren’t using it yet, meaning you have a short window where you won’t have to compete so hard for visitors’ attention
    2. It creates an immediate, substantial increase in followers: because your existing instagram followers can choose to automatically follow you when they create their own Threads account, you can boost your total social account following by 10% or more, immediately
    3. It’s all organic: for these first 4-5 months, Threads is ad-free – meaning every new follower you get there is authentic and organic
    4. It’s blowing up: It’s the fastest-growing social media platform of all-time, gaining 100 million users in less than a week
    5. It’s brand safe: Unlike Twitter, its business model involves heavy moderation and brand safety
    6. It’s painless: Launching your account is lightning quick for every destination with an Instagram account
what you get

It’s easy to set up a Threads account if you have an Instagram profile – but then what?


In the first 24 hours, you’ll get:

  • Your Threads account up and running
  • Your Instagram followers transferred over to Threads, creating an instant boost in your total social footprint
  • Video/graphic content announcing your new Threads account, tailored to your existing communications channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email)

In the first week, you’ll get:

  • Outreach to local businesses, attractions, and organizations to bring them over to Threads, as well – increasing your destination’s overall impact on this trendy new channel
  • A content calendar for the next two weeks, including your first 8 posts

how we help

  • launch
    We’ll create and optimize your Threads account

    Coordinate privileges, logos, brand guidelines with your team

    Create account and transfer Instagram information
  • coordinate
    We reach out to local businesses, attractions, and organizations and walk them through creating their own Threads accounts
  • content
    We produce a “Threads Launch Package” including the first two weeks of posts and content optimized for this new channel
  • promote
    We’ll create animated videos to announce your new Threads account across your existing marketing channels

    Includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, & Youtube

animated graphics for existing channels

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