2019 inZa Lab Gen Z Consumer Report

inZa Lab's Summer 2019 team of Gen Zers explored what Generation Z likes, wants, and hates when it comes to their media and purchase habits as well as advertising preferences in this 1000+ hour study. Find their qualitative and quantitative data gathered from surveys and focus groups in this comprehensive report.

Gain full access to the report below.


inZa Lab Internship Program. Apply year-round.

Emerging cultural differences stemming from rapid technological changes makes it difficult for advertisers and marketers to keep up with the trends of the youngest named generation - Generation Z. In June 2019, we launched inZa Lab internship program designed to help CDA keep up with those changes.


In Korea, “Insider” is slang for someone who “gets it”, and “Insa” is short for “Insider”; someone who is plugged into the cultural zeitgeist and understands what is trending. As we are bringing in Gen Z interns and incorporating the “Insider” slang we named the program inZa Lab.

We hire Insider Trends Officers (ITO's), to collect first-hand insights into the media consumption habits and preferences of their generational peers. Under the guidance and mentorship of CDA’s team, ITOs take an active role on a range of responsibilities related to day-to-day agency business, fully immersing yourself in different aspects of projects to promote clients and the agency itself. Additionally, ITOs provide their own authentic insights into marketing and advertising to a younger audience and drive a targeted research into the social, entertainment, and purchasing factors relevant to different demographics. 


This is a paid, year-round internship opportunity.



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